I am a photographer based in Houston, Texas; just outside of Katy.

I specialize in sports, celebrations, and creative portraiture for all ages.

I care about honoring life and all the memories that we create. With a certain degree of spunk and alacrity, I'm always ready to take on a challenge and being able to feel self-confident, self-expressed and empowered is very important to me. 

Life happens and it's full of surprises. So why not make the best of it and preserve your memories and milestones! Often enough we get lost/derailed in our journey. It helps to have that special keepsake to which holds specific meaning to you - whether it be symbolic to who you are, where you come from, or even what you've overcome. Keep it where you can always see it! Especially for those hard days. I am all about preservation and restoration, so with that said, always remember to...

Live in the moment; look back and smile at the good times!


AJ (Shorty)


Sports | Celebrations | Creative Portraiture


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